Fresh Beginnings

Outlining a few of my thoughts and goals behind the recent relaunch, and why I moved to a simple content management system.

My goal for this site is to create a place where I can experiment and grow. In the past I have experienced this industry largely from the sidelines, allowing the people that I perceived to be more prominent or skilled to speak for me in a sense. But that misses the point of the web community.

Like everyone in this field I am constantly learning, and that should motivate me to be more engaged and to share what I do know and the things the things I am discovering. It is an adventure that I am looking forward to.

Single Focus

Previously my online presence has been spread across multiple sites: a personal site, a company site, a vCard site, etc. While this approach works for some designers, I personally found that my motivation is much higher when I have a single focus. In the end it is much better to have one well-maintained site than several lesser destinations.

Throwing WordPress to the Curb

I have never been a huge fan of the standard blog format, more than anything it seems to promote a stale sameness across the majority of sites. That is not to say that I dislike blogs themselves, as I enjoy lots of blogs on a daily basis. But in general blogging systems limit what web developers can do while locking them into a fairly rigid framework. That is why I decided to build my site with Stacey.

Now I am no longer frustrated by constantly having to switch to a browser window to change settings or wrestle with database calls to do simple things. Stacey lets me create a static site using templates (and my favorite languages like Sass & Markdown) so that I don't repeat myself and am able to easily make changes. Most importantly for me this setup allows me to just code, and frees me up to structure the output how I want. Rather than spending my time updating the CMS – again – or reading through documentation, I can focus on the content and design. It is a good feeling.